Saturday, March 3, 2012

3 year old Sam reciting poetry:

     I am a devotee of my grandson, Sam, 5,  and his little brother, Will. 2. These two are phenomenal and I could brag about them, dominating the conversation, forever. Sam is so bright and has the memory of an elephant. He never forgets anything you say. When we visit him, he recalls the stories I have told him the last visit several weeks past. Last visit I told him about a novel that I was reading about a dragon and his dragon master, keeping out some of the adult gore that was also included in this book. This visit he asked me if I had read any more about that dragon and how did the story turn out. I couldn't even remember what book he was talking about and had to delve around in my memory drawers to come up with an outcome of the story to tell him. Little Will who is just barely over 2 years old, can count to 10, in both English and Spanish. His older brother taught the Spanish. Will knows all of his colors, his shapes, many animals and the sounds they make, and is starting to recognize letters and sounds that begin words. Both boys just amaze me.

     But then sometimes you find other examples of a young bright mind progressing outside the boundaries of normal.

     Indeed, once in a while you come across something on the Web, or on youtube that is truly phenomenal. Such are these recitations  by 3 year old Sam (another child named Sam, not my grandson). This gifted little boy loves poetry or poetic prose and has the gift to be able to memorize long sections. But then more-- most impressively he recites these pieces with feeling and complete understanding. I wanted to have these available on my blog. If you ever need your spirit raised, your life made more spiritual and simple, your world infused with childlike wonder, just play one of these videos and good things will come to pass in your mind and possibly in the world around you.

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