Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spirituality: A quote:

     It has been very hot and humid here in Wisconsin. So I thought I would try to cool you readers off courtesy of Antarctica. I wanted some photos that would look spiritual and I know cruising these waters was somewhat spiritual. Perhaps it was just knowing where we were on this globe of ours.

From the magazine: Light of Consciousness: Journal of Spiritual Awakening Vol 20, No 4  Winter, 2008
Article: The Spiritual Journey to Healing  by Dharma Singh Khalsa MD.

     "There is a big argument going on right now among evolutionary biologists, medical doctors, spiritual teachers, theologians and ministers. It is based on a recent study that was featured on the cover of Time magazine. There is a gene that has been discovered called the "God gene." Just as you inherit the ability to be musical or to have green eyes, you also inherit a gene that determines spirituality. Everyone has this gene, so everyone can be spiritual. Interestingly enough, this gene is the same gene that determines the chemistry in your brain, such as the secretion of seratonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, which make you happy.
     "The ultimate mystery is why this gene is in your body. Is it just an accident or is it put there for a reason, so that we can have the experience of relating to our higher power? Just as it is natural for dogs to respond to a possible intruder with barkiing and growling, just as the birds fly south in the winter, just as the leaves change color, it is natural for you to explore and to "polish" this gene. It is a natural part of us. We have it in us, but it is not just a matter of having the gene; it is the environment to which you expose the gene. You have to polish the gene. You have to put pressure on a piece of coal to turn it into a diamond.
     We are not human beings searching for spirit; we are spiritual beings who happen to be having a human experience."

     Dharma Singh Khalsa MD, or Dr. Dharma as he is usually called is an ordained minister and yogi. He is also a pioneer in brain longevity and mind/body research studies in medicine. He works through the non profit Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation. He is author of seven books for the general public, CDs and DVDs. Visit and

     So this brief post has I hope helped cool your body, but heat up your enthusiasm for spiritual exploration. When we expand our consciousness and broaden our view to the whole world, from our backyard to Antarctica, and include our own area in our own brain to that of all people, and then all consciousness, we become the beings that we were intended to me. So I say, Nemaste, as they say in India. This non contact greeting usually used in the Indian subcontinent, is usually accompanied by pressing the hands together in front of the chest and bowing forward slightly. The higher the pressed hands are held the more respect is given.  It means "The bit of spirit and holiness in me bows in respect to the bit of spirit and holiness in you."

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