Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mystery Photo 11: The Chinese Fishing Nets: Cochin, India.

                                          The fish market, located near the fish nets.
                                             The container port in Cochin, India
These nets are huge somewhat complex on shore arrangements of black netting and wooden poles that can be raised and lowered into the sea water to collect fish. There are apparently certain times when the warm water currents bring schools of fish close to shore and skillful management of these nets can quickly gather large numbers of fish for eating. However, more modern technology has enabled fishing boat fleets to now do much better than these fishing nets. But as our guide said, these nets have been left in place and are manned because now  they are more affective at catching tourists than fish. Ha Ha!
      The southern tip of India is quite different than the north where most people travel. It is much more lush and it is more humid. Also the people are more educated and primary and 2 years of secondary education are mandated. There is a larger population of Christians here. The people originated in Malaya and they speak Malayam. Though the humidity was oppressive I enjoyed Cochin and the lushness of this region immensely.
The streets of old Cochin, Inda

Theatre in Cochin

The elephant celebration at a local Hindu Temple. The richer the temple, the more elephants and the more drummers and musicians that go with the celebration.

A cattle market near Cochin

Elephants in Periyar Nationa Park in southern India.

Tea plantations in the south of India

Our converted rice boat/house boat tied up at one of shore excursions from the Backwaters of Kerala.

Our room in the houseboat.

Harvesting coconuts along the Backwaters.

A family emptying their fishnets on the Backwaters of Kerala.

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