Sunday, November 7, 2010

More African Birds!

      This is Ann that is posting these photos, but they are the work of my photographer husband. I received one request for some more of these photos to be posted. I only require one request. So here are more.

Cape turtle dove
White browed robin-chat

African spoonbill
Mirabou stork

Yellow billed stork
Egyptian geese

Black ibis

Pair of Pied kingfishers

Great grey heron

African jacana

Wire tailed swallow
long toed lapwing
glossy ibis
wattled lapwing
open billed stork

African skimmer

Red billed oxpecker on Cape buffalo
Cape White eye

Grey headed gull

That's it. A good mix, I think. Most are fairly large birds that sit still in order to be photographed. But here and there my husband caught a good picture of a small bird. And it was those photos that helped me identify the bird to get them on my life list.

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