Monday, August 2, 2010

Is there anyone out there?

     Sometimes I am writing these blogs and laboring on them to some extent to think of nice subjects from my life, to polish the English grammar and edit them to make them concise, then to seek a nice photo to illustrate my story---and I begin to wonder --- Is anyone reading these things that I write? I do have the flag counter on my site and that helps some to see if anyone is looking. But I still wonder what people think? I had read some people's blogs in the past and noted all the comments, some of them negative and kind of cocky. I didn't think I wanted to get into negative give and take like I had seen on some websites. I debated at that time whether to even allow unsolicited comments. I did get a couple comments in the beginning but low and behold those were from family members. Since those initial couple, I have not had any more volunteers. I needn't have worried so! I have entered my blog into blog catalog and applied to Technorati to provide my blog when these sites are searched. I even recently paid the $5 that Blogcatalog charges to feature my blog for a day. I have put some other "gadget" sidebars on my site that are supposed to increase the traffic but have not noticed any benefit. I think the flag counter has so far done the most to improve traffic. Also I can tell that regular posts makes a difference.  My readership goes up slightly after I have made a new post. I recently decided to include a photo in my profile after long not having one, again to try to appeal to a larger readership.  Blogcatalog recently suggested that the "follower" gadget be right up at the top and that I call your attention to the follower site and ask you all to become followers of my blog. You realize that you can be either a private follower and not have your name listed on the list of followers at the right or you can be a public follower and be listed. You can choose to have your email notified when I post something new. Otherwise signing up as a follower does not require anything else from you. But it certainly indicates to me that indeed someone is out there. Also, though I expressed my fear about negative comments above, I am a big girl and I can take it. I would appreciate any comments on the topic, my writing, or my opinions and  I will try to answer them.

Read it up, become a follower on the gadget to the right and comment away! Your feedback is appreciated. Sincerely, RenRae.

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