Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunrise from My Lady's Bedroom

My writing: 4/19/1998

The bright red ball appears slowly over the watery horizon - the sun playing a sly game with the small linear clouds. The clouds though small were brave - thick enough to stand in front of that crimson orb and block its light for only their small perimeter. Inexorably, the sun climbs into the sky in and out of the pencil and crayon thin cloud lines. Finally it is high enough to make its rosy path on the calm lake waters - but still too morning young to blind the observing eye. A little higher, and that orb sinks behind some braver and stronger clouds -- still a round globe visible but weakened. Now its glory is reflected in a pathway always leading from me to the sun no matter where I wander on that lakeside. Now as the sun rises further behind the clouds, even that pathway dims -- its light reflected off of the tiny waves like fires burning , flashing, and flickering to guide me along that path. These signal fires can be seen all the way to the horizon, flashing and guiding, even where the lake surface is one with the sky. No one could mistake the way with such brilliant guidance.   

Have you ever seen such a path? If you do see one, follow it with your mind and you will no doubt be rewarded in nature's fashion.  
Another unusual sunrise occured also in 1998 from my bedroom window. There were lots of clouds around and then there was every so temporarily a rainbow to the south of the sun extending from one cloud to the next in a small short arch. A very interesting sunrise indeed. Like some religious picture or a fantasy art piece.

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