Thursday, March 11, 2010

Did you ever google yourself or your family members?

I am not talking about tickling your little grandson to make him giggle, or goosing your great aunt to make her scream or any other physical handling of another person. I am talking about entering a personal name into google and running a search on that name.
 I have done this occasionally over the years. When we first built our "castle" on Lake Michigan a local community newspaper did an article on the architect who designed our house and extended the subject to people who do teardowns on the lake and erect a large new home. We were among the first people to do that in our location, so we were in the forefront. My husband has always been rather private, but surprisingly he allowed the reporter to take a picture of us standing out behind our house. And they wrote about our intentions when we built our home. I think that article is still on the Internet. At one time, my husband had a traffic speeding ticket which appeared for a while on the Internet. I had a few sites relative to my medical practice. Otherwise our background is pretty quiet on the Internet. I know from viewing some other names on a Google that donating to a political campaign gets you listed with the political party and the amount you donated. Not everyone wants that.

     I had googled my grown kids in the past but not for a long time. So one night a week ago I googled my kids. Lo and behold there's all kinds of  hits. Our younger son of course has his facebook account. I had never asked his permission to enter that sacred site. What 35 year old single California dude wants his mother to go on his Facebook account? (Sort of by accident, his father recently opened a Facebook account and automatically permission request was sent to our son, because his email was in our address book. He said he agonized over it but finally approved his father. Mostly I think we will stay away from that site.)  On the google list, going through old volleyball reports, and even a scholar athlete listing on our son from high school years, here was a year old posting listing a patent that this engineer son had earned. When we spoke with him about it, he wasn't too impressed. He said there were two other names on the patent with his, etc, Yadda Yadda, yadda. But to his mother, this was a big deal. He had invented a special nozzle for inserting a chemcial into a jet engine that would serve to de-superheat the metal in the engine and therefore allow greater combustion, force, and speed to be produced. His parents were impressed.

     Then I googled my oldest son. Now he is an associate professor of surgery at University of Indiana, in Indianapolis, so I expected listings of him as a doctor, and his publications that have been put on the Web. But I didn't expect a video on YouTube. Indeed, someone had put one of his video's which he creates to teach his on the edge operative procedures. This one showed his hands prepping the abdomen for the surgery, and then the single three chamber port he had developed for doing lap band surgery with one incision. Then for the rest of the video, I saw the instruments working inside the abdomen to place that lap band. There was not a quiver; there were just very precise movements. For a mother, knowing your son is at the other end of those instruments is terrific. 

     A very rewarding google session!

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