Thursday, January 8, 2015

Stimulating Stereo Scopic Sights -- A Stamp Exhibit

     I am a postage stamp accumulator and somewhat of a collector.One of my collections I call My WESMYF Collection. WESMYF stands for "What Ever Strikes MY Fancy."  One type of unusual postage stamp that has caught my fancy is the stereoscopic stamp. I am also attracted to other postal material pertaining to stereoscopes. During 2014, I prepared an 8 page Stamp Show exhibit on this subject. Included in this exhibit is some of the history of the stereoscope as well as a small collection of modern national Postal Service attempts to make stamp issues or in one case an official postal card issue which do work as stereoscopes. These are often quite striking issues. Below I have reproduced these exhibit pages for your edification. Enjoy!

      There are many unusual postage stamps and postal issues including holographic images; issues made of unusual materials such as silk, embroidery, plastic, steel, wood, even volcanic ash; and 3 D issues. My WESMYF collection may appear again here in this blog.

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