Thursday, February 6, 2014

Reminding You Again!! Walking Out of Eden, now near Petra, Jordan.

I want to remind all of my blog readers again about Paul Slopeck's Walking Out of Eden, a six year journey by foot around the world following the migratory paths of our ancient human ancestors. It started on January 10, 2013. Now just over a year later, Paul and his guides, his pack camels and/or mules have walked through the Afar valley of Ethiopia, crossed the Red Sea by boat, walked through Saudi Arabia and now he is near Petra, Jordan. His journey is funded by National Geographic. The first article in that magazine based on this journey was in December, 2013. He has recently run into a camp of Syrian refugees within Jordan near the old ruins of Petra. His posts are particularly moving. After all of my husband's an my travel, Petra is still my favorite single place in the world, so I am so happy he has reached this spot. I posted first about this website on Dec 28, 2013. I am posting the links again here. You MUST access these phenomenal sites. The whole idea is amazing.

At the National Geographic site there are many other links, maps, the path Paul and his small group is walking, photos, videos, sound bites that he has recorded. For example the Petra posting has a long audio of desert music that is very eerie. Also it is entertaining to read the many comments as more and more people learn of his journey. There is a time line of his walk with the various sites of his postings marked.

I strongly recommend you get on board. And for any of you who are teachers, or educators in any fashion, one of the links is for teachers providing lesson plans and more structured ways to access and follow Paul Slopeck's phenomenal journey. I am thinking of school children who could start following this journey and follow it through now 5 years of their elementary or even high school education. What a wonderful opportunity. I am letting all teachers that I know about this journey.

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