Friday, August 2, 2013

Mystery Photo 21: Name the city!

     I decided after the last very serious statistical post, that we needed to lighten up a bit. I browsed through our thousands of travel photos from our trips to 88 different countries on all 7 continents and came up with these iconic buildings. At this point I am just asking you to use these photos to identify the city.

If you are a world traveler and immediately recognize the city that contains these two icons, then try to tell me which building is which. What is this one with 6 minarets called?
This second photo shows the second iconic structure which is just a couple blocks from the first. As you can see this one only has 4 minarets. What is the well known name of this World Heritage site?

Here you can see both structures and how close they are on shore. All right, readers, send me some answers either in comments or else at my email address.


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