Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mystery Photo 9: La Boca

     Mystery Photo 9 or rather the 5 photos are of La Boca, one of the 48 barrios of Buenos Aires, located near the old port, in the city's southeast corner.  It is a neighborhood of very colorful buildings, home of tango parlors and art galleries and artists' homes. The name probably comes from the "mouth" (boca) of the Riachuelo River which is in this neighborhood. La Boca has become a tourist stop in the capitol city. The area was settled by Italians and retains a European influence from such countries as Italy, Spain, Germany and France. The barrio has an interesting history as in 1882 the Genoese Italians who lived there, after striking for a long time, decided to secede from Argentina and raised the Genoese flag over the street called Caminito. That rebellion didn't last, but the area has always been a magnet for rebellious groups and was home to many demonstrations in 2001 when the government of Argentina was challenged. For we tourists, it is a nice little stop. There is usually some street tango dancing going on. You can buy nice souvenirs and take some photos and then move on relatively quickly.

     Below is a link to a great video of the neighborhood with music to give it the flavor of a true visit to barrio.

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